Overview Jobshadowing profiles

Here you will find an overview of companies offering Jobshadowing for KIT students.

As this is a completely new project of the KIT Career Service, the overview is still filling up at the moment - it's worth visiting more often!

General information on this concept can be found under the menu item Jobshadowing .

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Consileon Business Consultancy
76133 Karlsruhe

Biology, Business Mathematics, Business engineering, Business management, Chemistry, Electrical engineering & information technologies, Informatics, Information Engineering, Mathematics, Mobility and Infrastructure, Physics, Science, media & communicationBusiness consultancy, auditing & law
Belden Deutschland GmbH
72654 Neckartenzlingen

Business management, Electrical engineering & information technologies, Information Engineering, Material sciences & engineering, Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics & information technologiesElectrical engineering & optics, IT & Internet, Other industries, Other manufacturing industries