IMT 06-2023 Bachelor-/Masterthesis: Optimization of a new roll to roll hot embossing process for large scale micro structuring of polymer surfaces

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At the IMT many types of Micro- and nanostructuring processes for surfaces are being developed. Some of these surfaces equip solar panels with self-cleaning effects, let water drop off of them or improve on light coupling or reflection properties of the surface. A big challenge in the application of microstructured surfaces is the area to be structured – e.g. for solar cell coatings many hundreds of square meters have to be covered in microstructures.

To achieve this a roll to roll process for micro imprinting is being developed at the IMT. Microstructures are to be imprinted into thin polymeric films directly after extrusion. This process enables the structuring of large areas in a short amount of time. In previous works a fastening system for the molds has been developed and the process has been proven to work in principal.

This thesis is now about optimizing the imprinting process. This starts with the design and fabrication of appropriate test structures, the development and execution of a systematic test protocol as well as measuring oft he produced structures with optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, white light interferometry and AFM.

This thesis can either be written in German or English language.

Persönliche Qualifikation

  • Fieldofstudy: Mechanical engineering, material science, process engineering, etc.
  • Experience with practical lab work is helpful.


Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT)
Contract duration

6 Months

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For further information, please contact Patrick Weiser, phone +49 721 608-26836, e-mail:

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