IAMT 01-22 Master Thesis Removal of inorganic water contaminants by nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) technologies

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Angebotsnr. IAMT 01-22
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Nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) technologies are widely used for drinking water production. RO membranes are applied for water desalination giving their ability to remove monovalent salts up to ~99%, while NF membranes are commonly used to remove micropollutants and treatment of natural waters contaminated by inorganics such as fluoride, nitrates and arsenic. In treatment plants, NF/RO membranes are typically designed for continuous operation without considering water quality variations. However, in locations with extreme climate variability, NF/RO membranes can face radical variations in terms of  hardness, salinity as well as the content of natural organic matter (NOM). Such variations can therefore affect the separation process, energy consumption and ultimately operational costs.
The aim of this project is to carry out experiments to evaluate the resilience of NF/RO membranes to remove inorganic water contaminants (e.g. fluoride, arsenic, nitrate) with varying water salinity, hardness and in presence of NOM. NF/RO separation mechanisms will
be also investigated.

Persönliche Qualifikation

Studies in Chemical/Process Engineering or equivalent (Uni, TH), Basic knowledge in water treatment technologies, membrane processes, water chemistry, water analysis. Evidenced skills in English language, ability to learn/use Origin Labs software for data analysis/graphical design and Endnote for literature management, willingness to lead or contribute to the writing of a scientific publication.


Institute for Advanced Membrane Technology (IAMT)
Contract duration

6 months

Contact person in line-management

For further information, please contact Dr. Youssef-Amine Boussouga, email: youssefamine.
or Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrea Iris Schäfer, email: andrea.iris.schaefer@kit.edu.


Please send your application in electronic form to: phuong.trinh@kit.edu


vacancy number: IAMT 01-22


Recognized severely disabled persons will be preferred if they are equally qualified.

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