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Angebotsnr. IKFT 02-20

IKFT 02-20 Internship, Bachelor- or Masterthesis: Development of a Matlab® model for intraparticle processes during pyrolysis of biomass

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Fuels from biomass are one way of replacing fossil fuels in the transport sector in a largely CO2-neutral way. In order not to compete with food production, mainly biomass from lignocellulose should be converted into fuel. The bioliq® process is one of the projects with which the production of biofuels up to pilot scale is being investigated in greater detail. This is a multi-stage process chain that is used to process biomass such as straw into second-generation synthetic fuels. In the first step, the straw is converted into an energetically compressed bioslurry by means of fast pyrolysis. This bioslurry is cheaper to transport and enables efficient entrained flow gasification and subsequent synthesis.
The given task is set in the first step, fast pyrolysis. This initial conversion is performed in a twin-screw mixing reactor at 500 °C. The comminuted biomass feed is thermochemically converted to hot pyrolysis vapors, gas, and char fines within seconds. Decisive feature of the reactor is the realization of high heating rate by mixing biomass with preheated heat carrier particles. However, the effects of the intra-particle processes of the biomass on the process are still largely unknown.
The aim of this work is, to extend an existing Matlab® code to be able to simulate particles and their intra-particle processes during the pyrolysis:

  • Review, list and compare models that are in use in current research work
  • Review the existing Matlab® Code and to further develop it
  • Testing the developed Code in regards to the accuracy and computational time
  • Analyze the simulation data to derive conclusions for future work


Persönliche Qualifikation

Chemical engineering / Process engineering


Institut für Katalyseforschung und -technologie (IKFT)

Contract duration                

4-6 months

Contact person 

Eugen Aschenbrenner, IKFT
Tel. 0721/608- 26505  E-Mail: eugen.aschenbrenner@kit.edu

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Frau Ann-Kathrin Schaber
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Personalentwicklung und Berufliche Ausbildung (PEBA) - Abteilung Berufliche Ausbildung

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