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IPE 14-20 Bachelor- or Masterthesis: Physics/Electrical Engineering Development of an FPGA readout card for real-time data acquisition and processing

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IPE has developed a high-performance PCIe readout card for a broad range of applications ranging from photon-science and electron beam diagnostics to high-energy physics experiments. The next generation of this card should combine high-performance digital and radio frequency circuits. Our concept uses the latest RFSoC Zynq FPGA family and emerging optical data-links. In this thesis you will develop the PCB of readout card, schematics, layout and the System-on-Chip (SoC). You will gain in-depth knowledge in the design and commissioning of recent cutting-edge electronic board design for applications in data acquisition.

Persönliche Qualifikation

Your tasks: 

  • Design of the schematics of PCIe readout card with a RFSoC Zynq FPGA
  • Layout of the readout card
  • Development of the System-on-Chip ARM firmware

The thesis will be embedded in the DAQ group at IPE. Frequent internal design reviews with our experts will ensure a fast learning curve on required high-speed board design issues.

Your Skills:

  • Knowledge in C and Verilog/VHDL (basic)
  • Embedded and hardware programming (better but not required
  • Previous experience with developing for a Xilinx Zynq SoC (better but not required)


Institut für Prozessdatenverarbeitung und Elektronik (IPE)

Contract Duration

limited regarding study regulations

Contact person in line-management

Dr.-Ing. Michele Caselle (IPE) (0721 / 608 25903), email: michele.caselle@kit.edu

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Frau Ann-Kathrin Schaber
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Personalentwicklung und Berufliche Ausbildung (PEBA) - Abteilung Berufliche Ausbildung

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