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Research Fellow (m/f/d) "LCC material circularity"

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Job position nr. 20J017

The European Institute for Energy Research EDF-KIT EWIV (EIFER) is looking for a

Research fellow (m/f/d)

in the field of Life Cycle Costing in the context of material circularity, who will integrate the Research Group “Energy Transition, markets, environment”.

EIFER’s research group “Energy transition, markets, environment” conducts research into qualitative and quantitative assessments of the environmental and socio-economic consequences of activities. Diverse methods are applied, such as value creation, environmental accounting, monetization (with involvement in the development of new standards at the ISO level), social cost–benefit analyses, ecosystem services review, and life-cycle assessment.

The assigned tasks involve
• Contribute to ongoing work in the frame of the EU-funded ORIENTING project on Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) of materials and particularly related to Life Cycle Costing and material criticality evaluation. This involves the following tasks:
- analysing the relevant scientific and technical literature,
- specification of relevant indicators,
- working on the integration of life cycle costing into an overall LCSA framework together with the research team and external project partners;
• Contribute to proposals to further develop research activities, including respond to calls for public funded projects.

Required qualifications and skills
• The job applicant should hold a Master degree or equivalent in economics, engineering or political sciences
• Knowledge of Life Cycle Costing
• Ability to work independently and responsibly in a structured way and to convey clear and efficient messages orally and in written form
• Interdisciplinary and analytical thinking
• Service-oriented approach
• English mandatory, French and German are appreciated

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Frau Nicole Pini
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Europäisches Institut für Energieforschung (EIFER)
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Telefon: 072161051330
Fax: 072161051332

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