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Your mission:

As a Risk Intern at Upvest, your mission will be to dive into various risk topics through conducting comprehensive impact assessments, refining internal risk models, and creating and maintaining dynamic BI dashboards. Your enthusiasm for solving complex problems will drive automation initiatives and support cross-functional data queries. With your analytical mindset and data-driven approach, you will ensure accurate modelling techniques and contribute to the development of robust market risk models, driving innovation in risk management while making a significant impact on our organisation’s resilience. Your contribution will empower the company to scale by driving data-driven decision-making and fostering strategic growth.

This role will give you the opportunity to:

Risk Model Management: Maintain and enhance our internal risk models using Python and SQL, designing and implementing enhancements to increase accuracy and broaden risk coverage.

Business Intelligence: Craft and refine dynamic dashboards, insightful reports, and alerts using Looker to boost data transparency and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) effectively.

Impact Assessments: Collaborate with other teams to conduct comprehensive impact assessments and calculate necessary collateral for potential clients, ensuring strategic decision-making.

Automation: Generate and implement creative ideas to automate risk analytics processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy, and explore new tools and technologies to bring the team to the next level.

ESG Scoring: Contribute to the development of robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scoring metrics, promoting sustainable business practices.

FX Modeling: Engage in the development and refinement of FX models, driving informed financial strategies.
Research: Conduct thorough research and due diligence on various market-related topics to support data-driven decision-making and strategic initiatives.

Securities Onboarding: Partner with various departments to streamline the securities onboarding process for clients by conducting thorough risk assessments, communicating critical findings, and tracking the instrument onboarding.

Data Request Support: Use Looker, BigQuery, and Bloomberg to fulfil internal and cross-functional data requests, providing precise and actionable insights.

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