What does the JobPortal offer?

The JobPortal is the job market for students, graduates, alumni and dual career partner of the KIT. Every day, there will be published new offers for internships, trainee or first jobs. Companies and cooperation partners can advertise with the aim to get in contact with students, graduates and alumni of the KIT as well as dual career partners. For job seekers it offers on the one hand the possibility to search actively a job, on the other hand to create a personal profile with CV.

FAQ for job seekers
FAQ for companies
FAQ institutes and organizations of the KIT
FAQ concerning privacy

Job seekers

How can I register as a job seeker?

By clicking the link Registration job seeker you can create a user account. The stored data will not be visible at the website. After having an account, you can create a profile.
While registration it will be verified automatically if you are allowed to use the JobPortal. If this check is negative, you can register yourself. If a second check will show that you are not allowed to use the JobPortal, we will get in contact with you and will lock your account.

Why create a profile?

The JobPortal brings companies, students, graduates, alumni and dual career partners of the KIT all together. If you create a personal profile and upload your CV, you have further options: Companies can find you by searching after special criteria (e.g. type of searched job, company field, and region). Furthermore, the company has the possibility to get informed about your qualifications and can therefore offer you concrete job offers.
With a personal profile you have also the possibility to store the criteria of your job seek and to get offers per email.
In your profile you get decide yourself which data, e.g. name and address, will be visible for the companies. Please note that all personal data published in your CV (PDF) can be downloaded and used for contacting and information.
Companies can send uncoded mails to your email address which is not visible for the companies.

How do I find the right employer?

By searching a job you can filter companies according your desired criteria. If you store your search, you can accord yourself job offers.
As soon as you have created a profile, companies do have the possibility to find you on the basis of your uploaded information about your status of career, the desired job, the company’s area and the region you like to work in and to offer you appropriated job offers.

Who can find my profile in the JobPortal?

Only companies registered in the JobPortal get access to your profile. The function “CV search” will be activated after the company has been checked on the basis of a certificate of registration.

What does the JobPortal cost?

It is for free! The service and the offer of the JobPortal are for job seeker free of charge.

Can I delete my profile?

You can delete your profile and your account at any time completely and irrevocable. Your data can then no longer be seen by recruiters. Please note that we take no responsibility for copying, saving and treating of your data by the companies. Please keep this in mind when you insert certain information in your CV.

Can I edit my profile?

Yes. If you sign in with your account, you can access to your profile or your CV which you then can read, edit, update, change or delete.


How can I register as a company?

You can create an account under Registration Company. As soon as the registration is finished and you are logged in, you can edit your profile, add data and upload your company logo. You can also insert adverts or can buy packages.
If your company is already registered, you can add an additional person account. The main account owner will then be informed. As soon as the main account owner activates your account, you can access to the packages.
Please note that we have to verify your company if you want to use the “CV search”. You will find further information below.

How do I insert job adverts?

Our JobPortal offers different possibilities: You can choose between five different packages that offer different qualities – starting with the “Basis package” which is free of charge up to the “Deluxe package” including a four-week presentation of your advert in our category “top jobs”. The JobPortal offers always the right solution to present your vacancies.
All details and runtimes of our packages are listed in the overview.
After having bought your packages you can upload your advert yourself. The advert will then be checked and published in the job overview. From this time on your job offer is visible until the end of the runtime, unless you deactivate your advert because you could have filled the vacancy.

What happens with the adverts after the runtime has ended?

A few days before the runtime ends you will receive an information email with which you can prolong your runtime (except basis package). If you are not interested in, your advert will be deleted. Having created a basis advert it will be deleted after expiration of the runtime and cannot be reused anymore. Having bought one of the other packages your advert will be set offline and can be reactivated at any time by buying a new job package.

How to buy packages?

If you want to insert adverts you have to buy at least one package which can be bought by clicking the “buy package” button in your personal profile.

Order process and invoicing

Upon receipt of your order you will get a confirmation to your deposited email address. In this email you will also find further information about the invoicing. The original invoice will be send to your indicated invoice address. Your ordered job packages will be normally unlocked within one day. You will then be informed by email.

Verification of your account for using the “CV search“

If you want to use the package “CV search” your account must be verified by us, according to the privacy.
On the basis of a certification of registration we check if your company is allowed to use the JobPortal. After a positive check your account will be unlocked and you can use the package “CV search” right after having bought it.
The offered data from students, graduates, alumni and dual career partners serve exclusively the purpose to contact them directly and to offer a job interview or an interesting job offer. An abuse of data on part of the company, particularly the disclosure to third parties, will be prosecuted by the KIT. If you no fulfil our criteria we reserve the right to exclude you from the CV search.

Search for appropriate students

After verification of your company you get the possibility to access to a data base with CVs of students, graduates and alumni of one of the leading technical universities of Germany and its dual career partners. Therefore you have to buy the package “CV search”. On the website you will see the profiles available at the moment. Upon the first activation the data base with all profiles including CVs is at your disposal for four weeks. If you have found an appropriate candidate you can get directly in contact with him.

Institutes and organizations of the KIT

Here you find further information about how to register and publish adverts. You will receive premium packages for free.


What happens with my data? Are they safe?

The KIT is committed to safeguarding the regulations of privacy and uses a variety of methods to help protect the security of your personal data, such as encryption (SSL) between your computer and the server. Additional technical measures make sure that the security of the data stored at our server satisfies the regulations of privacy.
For detailed information about the privacy please see JobPortal’s privacy statement.

  • Your data are treated as described in this FAQ. You agree by registering and creating your profile.
  • The entries in the data base serve exclusively the purpose to contact the candidates directly and to offer them a job interview or an interesting job offer. An abuse of data on part of the company, particularly the disclosure to third parties, will be prosecuted by the KIT.
The data which are recorded by visiting the JobPortal website are listed also in the privacy statement of the JobPortal.

Right of information

Under data protection law of Baden-Wurttemberg, sec. 21 and 22, you have the right to be informed without charge about the data we have stored about you as well as a right of rectification of that data. Please send the written request to: KIT, Relationship Management, Vincenz-Prießnitz-Str. 1, 76131 Karlsruhe.