CAS Software – 14.05.2024 – Booth E09

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Contact person: Christina Müller
Fields of activity: Informatik, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Mathematik

Short Presentation:
We, CAS Software AG, are developing the software of the future in the field of CRM and xRM solutions with over 450 co-creators on our campus in the Karlsruhe technology region. Our products help to simplify sales processes, enable product configurations and make the flow of information efficient and effective through an app-based company platform. The basis of our sustainable success? A high level of investment in developing the potential of our co-creators and a consistent focus on innovation. Our purpose-built Futur Labs explore current trends and technologies on the market and in the world of research and develop the best possible innovations to get hands-on. In short: a great place to work. Experience CAS for yourself and become part of our growing team.

Facts about our company

Address: CAS Software, CAS-Weg 1-5, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany
Branch: IT & Internet
Industry sectors: Customer service & support, IT & information technology, Project management
Preferred fields of study: Business Mathematics, Business management, Informatics, Information Engineering, Information System Engineering and Management, Production and Operations Management