Ferchau GmbH – 15.05.2024 – Booth C08

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Contact person: Jaqueline Wandel / Manuel Tüg
Fields of activity: Engineering, IT, Elektrotechnik, E-mobility, Automotive

Short Presentation:
Customers, employees, applicants and freelancers – at FERCHAU we bring together ambitious and intelligent minds who have one thing in common: the ability to design, develop and implement sophisticated technological solutions to make the visions of the future a reality. Whether engineering or IT, virtual or on site – always flexible, committed and with a lot of passion.

Innovative, by tradition: since 1966, FERCHAU has been developing high-quality technical solutions from all disciplines and for all sectors in which the excellence of Engineering and IT determines the success. Today, we regard ourselves as an independent platform where we can bring together the right experts with companies’ challenging work. Together, we will reach the next technological level and thus ensure our customers’ future viability. Our Mission Statement: FERCHAU – Connecting People and Technologies for the Next Level.

Progressive and efficient: at FERCHAU, we support Hidden Champions and global players with top experts in flexible cooperation models to overcome technical, digital and personnel challenges. FERCHAU forms a strong community in over 120 branches, in project groups or with well-known customers on site – and, as a full service provider for Engineering and IT, always keeps an eye on technological progress.

Ambitious and excellent: our employees, from IT experts to project and quality managers and experienced engineers, take on the most exacting technical challenges in which they can develop professionally and personally. Using the latest tools, tried and tested processes and continuous training, FERCHAU ensures that its smart and ambitious minds can remain ‘future-proofed’ and develop their long-term career potential.

Facts about our company

Address: Ferchau GmbH, Lorenzstraße 29, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany
Branch: Science & research, Transport & logistics, Telecommunications, Other manufacturing industries, Other services, Other industries, Pharmaceutical industry, Medical technology, Media, Aerospace, IT & Internet, Real estate, Financial services, Vehicle construction / suppliers, Power & water supplies, waste management, Electrical engineering & optics, Printing, paper & packaging industries, Chemical & mineral oil processing industries, Building trade & building materials trade, Banking, Architecture & design, Plant & machine building
Industry sectors: Administration, Customer service & support, Management, Engineering, development & construction design, Maintenance, IT & information technology, Transport & logistics, Marketing & public relations, Medicine & health, Research, Human resources, Production, Project management, Quality management, Finance & accounting, Editorial office & documentation, Sales department, Other, Consulting
Preferred fields of study: Applied geosciences, Architecture, Biological engineering, Biology, Business Mathematics, Business engineering, Business management, Chemical & process engineering, Chemical biology, Chemistry, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering & information technologies, Energy Engineering and Management, Engineering Structures, Financial Engineering, Geodesy & geoinformatics, Geoecology, Geography, Geophysics, German, Informatics, Information Engineering, Information System Engineering and Management, Management of Product Development, Material sciences & engineering, Mathematics in Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics & information technologies, Medical technology, Mobility Systems Engineering and Management, Mobility and Infrastructure, Other fields of study, Other fields of study, Other fields of study, Other fields of study, Physics, Production and Operations Management, Regional Science, Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics, Technology and Management in Construction, Water science engineering

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