Monolithic Power Systems – 15.05.2024 – Booth C16

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+34 932 20 71 90
Fields of activity: Electrical Engineering

Short Presentation:
Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. has emerged as the fastest-growing semiconductor company by developing superior products, providing excellent support, and aiding the world’s largest companies with their product development. We are creative thinkers, we break boundaries. With over 3.400 employees worldwide, MPS’s diverse product portfolio includes over 4,000 products ranging from power conversion systems, power modules, precision analog, uControllers, motor drivers, position sensors and many more.

Facts about our company

Address: Monolithic Power Systems, Gutenbergstraße 4, 77955 Ettenheim, Germany
Branch: Electrical engineering & optics
Industry sectors: Engineering, development & construction design
Preferred fields of study: Electrical engineering & information technologies

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