MPDV Mikrolab GmbH – 15.05.2024 – Booth E14

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Contact person: Catharina Wagner
Fields of activity: Sales, Consulting, Support, IT

Short Presentation:
As an expert in IT solutions for manufacturing, we support companies in realizing their vision of the smart factory. We are a global player, but with regional roots. High-flyers, but not aloof. Top innovator, but still down-to-earth. Our software solutions have been inspiring companies in the manufacturing sector for more than 45 years.

Facts about our company

Address: MPDV Mikrolab GmbH, Römerring 1, 74821 Mosbach, Germany
Branch: IT & Internet
Industry sectors: IT & information technology, Marketing & public relations, Legal department, Sales department, Other
Preferred fields of study: Business Mathematics, Business engineering, Business management, Electrical engineering & information technologies, Informatics, Information Engineering, Information System Engineering and Management, Management of Product Development, Mechanical engineering, Other fields of study

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