Tipico Technology Services GmbH
Amalienbadstr. 41b
76227 Karlsruhe
Company size: Corporation
Contact: Mr. Jose Arteaga Alvarez
Talent Acquisition Manager

Who are we?
We are the leading sports betting provider in Germany, and we electrify the betting experience with thrilling moments of Spannung. But behind the scenes, we dial up the Spannung in our working lives too, as part of a culture bursting with energy and ambition. For ourselves and each other, we persistently maximise our own personal Spannung, committing to our daily work with unstoppable exhilaration and sky-high voltage!

In other words: We Maximise Spannung in the world of sports betting!

Our story began with three students, a bold idea, and a small betting shop in Karlsruhe, Germany. Since then, we’ve become Germany’s market leader in sports betting, and expanded our offices across the world.
What we offer?
We care for you (not applicable for Germany)

At Tipico, you will feel cared for and secure. To complement your Tipico career, we provide excellent health and dental insurance for peace of mind.

Personal and Professional Growth.

We believe in Progress, it is in our DNA; we learn every day and always strive to be better and improve. We offer you opportunities to develop and grow to unlock your potential.

You can either work during your studies and learn how we do things or kick off your career in one of the most exciting companies in the industry after your degree.
What is special about us?
We are engaged, committed, and driven by our core values to secure the best possible experience for our employees. We put this same passion and energy to provide the best product for our customers. It is about learning and adapting, continuously improving, and being open to new ways of doing things. We are a team of teams, the sharing of ideas is encouraged as we love learning from each other, and great ideas are shaped and inspired by other ideas. Playing to different people’s strengths, these different complementary characteristics create solutions. Everyone has the chance to be part of our game. Our passion for the industry, products and to never settle for second pushes us forward to deliver the best that we can together. We are always prepared and ready to take things to the next level. Our winning spirit, competing, and celebrating each other’s wins are part of our daily pitch.
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for talent who want to grow with us, introduce us to new ideas and work in a highly collaborative and agile environment with end-to-end responsibility. This is what we are known for, this is who we are, and this is what we look for .

We have many different areas, but also special ones, only known in our industry, such as Gaming, Bookmaking & Trading and some others. We know sometimes job titles and requirements can be confusing. If you are interested in joining us just contact us directly.

Here is a more detailed list of the departments at Tipico:
- Customer Operations
- Finance
- Human Resources
- Customer Service Agents
- Legal/Compliance

Product & Technology

- Java Developer
- Software Developer
- Backend Developer
- Full Stack Developer
- BI Developers
- QA Engineer
- Systems and Network Engineer
- Business Intelligence Analyst
- Gaming
- Office Services
- Marketing – Acquisition and Retention
- Bookmaking
- Retail
How to apply?
We believe in flexibility, and this also applies to our recruitment process. Our Hiring Team adapt the process according to the requirements of the open position. We aim to give the best candidate experience possible, our Talent Acquisition team is always ready to go the extra mile and help.

Our game plan is usually like this:

- A phone call from our Talent Acquisition Team – Shoot out your questions
In certain case we offer a brief asynchronous video interview instead - showcase your motivation & skills!

- A conversation with the Hiring Manager

- A second conversation with other members of the team – Get in touch with our culture.

- You get offered a great job!
Link to further application information
Additional information
In case you have any further questions, just contact us at careers@tipico.com />
We are looking forward to hearing from you.