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Chaos Software GmbH
An der Raumfabrik 33b
76227 Karlsruhe
Company size: Corporation
Branch: Architecture & design, IT & Internet
Preferred fields of study: Architecture, Electrical engineering & information technologies, Informatics, Information System Engineering and Management, Management of Product Development, Mathematics, Mathematics in Technology, Other fields of study
Support: Mrs. / Ms.

Who are we?
Founded in 1997, Chaos is a leading global visualization technology company.
Chaos is defining visualization by offering accessible tools, simplifying and accelerating workflows, and empowering visual storytelling for artists, architects, designers, and other creative professionals.

Chaos’ portfolio of visualization technologies for architecture and design, media and entertainment, and product e-commerce includes:
- V-Ray, a physically based renderer that has been honored with an Academy Award and an Engineering Emmy;
- Enscape, a high-quality real-time rendering and virtual reality plugin;
- Corona, a high-performance photorealistic rendering engine;
- Cylindo, a 3D furniture product visualization platform for e-commerce;
- anima, a 3D/4D animation software to add realistic people and crowds to visualizations.

Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, Chaos has nearly 800 employees and offices in 11 cities worldwide. For more information, visit,,,, and
What we offer?
Chaos is currently recruiting applicants for Chaos Camp, our free online academy for soon-graduating students or recent graduates.

Chaos Camp is a 3.5-month intensive online training in C++ algorithms and data structures, ray tracing, and introduction to computer graphics programming. The best-performing participants will be invited for an interview to join Chaos’ development team.

All job openings at Chaos can be found on
What is special about us?
If you want to pursue a career in computer graphics technologies, Chaos can be the right place for you.

- Learn from experienced professionals:
Chaos is a global community of talents where you can learn from and be mentored by top professionals. You will have access to new technologies and will work with leading tech partners.

- Define visualization and drive innovation
Research and development at Chaos is leading the way toward a truly comprehensive end-to-end visualization ecosystem that meets the evolving needs of current and future customers. Chaos’ Innovation Lab is our in-house think tank on innovation in graphic technologies, and it is open to sharing knowledge and elaborate ideas with the company's global team.

- Be valued and appreciated:
You will be taken care of as the most valuable asset of the company with special benefits, learning and development opportunities, volunteering and sports activities, social events, and more.
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for young dev talents who are willing to dive deep into the visualization industry. Our main program targeted at soon-graduating students and recent graduates is Chaos Camp, an annual free online training in algorithms and ray tracing.

Apart from software developers and visualization experts, we may also have open positions for architectural visualizers, data scientists, and other business-related jobs.
How to apply?
If you don’t join our young talents program Chaos Camp, you can visit our career webpage,, and apply for an open position.
You can also follow Chaos on social media to stay in touch with us and learn more about our work and culture.
Link to further application information
Additional information
Have some fun with Chaos’ render or photo challenge ( Try guessing which images are actual photographs and which were generated with the high-end visualization technologies developed by Chaos. At the end of the game, you can leave your contact information to receive further information from us about open positions or upcoming events that may interest you.